Meta Description Question

Is it necessary for every page to have a meta description? Matt Cutts (Google’s Head of Search Spam) answered this question in his video today

So what is a Meta Description?
The meta description is a html tag that’s used to summarize a web page’s content. Although it is not visible on the website, search engines sometimes use it in search snippet to let people know what a page is about before they click on it.

Matt said you could either have a unique meta description or choose to have no meta description at all, but you should never show duplicated ones across pages. Actually Matt didn’t bother to do meta descriptions for his own blog.

Below are some general meta description best practices:

  • Always provide a unqiue high quality meta description for your website home page and all the important/popular landing pages.
  • Be careful with your programmatically generated meta descriptions, it’s important to choose good patterns to avoid duplication.
  • It’s okay to let Google auto-generate snippets for some of the pages. It’s still better than having duplicate meta descriptions.
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